Deborah Richardson

Deborah Richardson

In Concord, Massachusetts, Deborah Richardson’s jewelry studio is intentionally situated within walking distance to conservation land. One look at her sterling silver spiral earrings and it is evident that the land is her inspiration. She hand fabricates anticlastic jewelry pieces with soft lines that mimic those found in nature. “I have always been drawn to the curved, organic forms of nature. One can see this reflected in my visual vocabulary in metal, a language evocative of grapevine tendrils, river ripples and cloudlike swirls.” There’s a musicality in the dynamic way her earrings evolve on the body that doesn’t fade with trends. Her proficiency in crafting and design lends itself to timeless pieces in sterling silver and gold.

Babs is so happy to have met Deborah, who has recently announced her retirement. Snap up some of her exceptional work while you still can--because she is no longer producing new pieces.

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