Toby Pomeroy

Toby Pomeroy

Toby Pomeroy sets a new standard in ethical luxury jewelry. Growing up in India, where he found a deep commitment to life in balance, Toby Pomeroy was inspired by the country's patient craftspeople. Bringing these influences to his workshop, he creates practical, beautifully textured, and painstakingly handcrafted pieces that promote the health, beauty, and diversity of our planet and its people. Fascinated by form and texture, the young artists at Toby Pomeroy's Corvallis, Oregon studio live to work with their hands. His collections are marked by uplifting nature-inspired designs with matte surface finishes that exude a delicate softness and femininity. Sustainably hand forged in EcoGold and EcoSilver, Toby Pomeroy jewelry pieces are socially responsible and environmentally friendly, demonstrating not just the sublime beauty of fine art, but the purity of an ancient craft.

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