alora ambiance

alora ambiance

Italian-inspired and American-made, Alora Ambiance natural reed diffusers were the first introduced to this side of the pond. All others are engaged in the flattery of imitation...

Doubling as an air freshener and exquisitely designed centerpiece, Alora diffusers are the brainchild of sisters Annie and Therese Gibbons, who spent fifteen years discovering the age-old Italian wicking method while living in Lake Como, Italy. Though grounded in Italian origin, Alora Fragrance embodies Midwestern practicality in its deceptively simple wicking design, elegant features, and feel good, room-transforming scents.

Both attractive and effective, Alora luxury home fragrance blends are among the most popular in the world. Featuring unique combinations and committed to using only the finest ingredients with a minimal amount of carrier fluid, Alora Ambiance diffusers last far longer than most

Giving Alora as a gift brings both simple beauty and incredible fragrance to any home.

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