Everything Autumn

Dream Broker

Here at Alara, we're falling... for fall. Celebrate the season with fall hues that compliment your coziest sweater...

Style Knows No Age: Meet Maria

Babs Noelle

  Maria and her husband, Rod, married in my hometown of Houston, although they met in Germany, both having been in t...

Rustic Diamonds: Diamonds in the Rough

Michael Webb

  When most people think of diamonds, a brilliant, clear stone comes to mind. Their radiant sparkle has been adored f...

Hot Off the (Flower) Press

Chantell Bury

Introducing a Luana Coonen & Alara Jewelry collaborative collection titled "Thia's Spring" - a line of various Mo...

Three Ways: Circle Necklace

Babs Noelle

The circle necklace is designed by our very own Babs Noelle.  With an idea to update the classic solitaire, she found...

Repurposed. Beauty.

Babs Noelle

"Realize what you really want.  It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold."   --Willia...

Bad Ass Lady Hunter

Babs Noelle

Jamie is about to move to a big city. She wants to wear her elk ivory with style, in a place where probably very fe...

Everest Rock That Rocks

Babs Noelle

In 2004, I applied for a patent for a stone-setting technique I invented.  I was granted the patent a number of years...
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