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Peridot is the August birthstone and the gemstone celebrating the 16th year of marriage. This vibrant variation of lemony-green to brown-green color is not easily forgotten. Part of the silicate family, peridot is known as the "evening emerald" because the yellow tinge disappears under artificial light and the stone appears to glow. Other names for peridot include olivine and chrysolite. Known as a symbol of opportunity and prosperity, peridot is beloved by many. Its name is derived from the French word periotot meaning gold. One of the oldest known gemstones, peridot was originally discovered in the second millennium BC by ancient Egyptians on a small volcanic island in the Red Sea known today as St. John's Island. Revered by pharaohs and Egyptian priests not only for their beauty and believed to harness the power of nature, peridots were referred to as the "gem of the sun." Today's most productive peridot deposit in the world is found right here in the United States located on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. 90 percent of the worlds peridot supply comes from this area. Peridot is also found in the mountains of Pakistan, Hebei Province of China, Norway, and Antarctica. Peridot is a perfect jewel for anyone who loves a bold brilliant gemstone that dazzles at different hues of green throughout the day and will catch the eye of just about everyone. Call 800-267-9104 to inquire about creating your own custom piece of peridot jewelry, for sizing and additional details on existing pieces or visit our Jewelry store in Bozeman, Montana to see our peridot collection in person.
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Stephen Estelle Full Moon Peridot Drop Earrings
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