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Opal is the October birthstone and the gift for the 34th wedding anniversary. A non-crystalline gemstone formed from liquid or gelatinous silica, opal was believed to derive from the tears of Zeus god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods. Rare and shimmering, precious opal's inner liveliness was for centuries a great mystery and source of superstition. Its play of color was proof of its magical powers and superior healing properties. Once referred to as slivers of shattered rainbows and thought to have grown in places where lightning struck the ground, opals were believed to aid prophecy and foresight. Long associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism opals are seductive stones said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness in the wearer. A fragile and difficult to cut gem, opal was once the lucky stone of kings. Said to intensify emotional states and release inhibitions while also acting as an emotional stabilizer, opal possesses symbolism as varied as its play of colors. Once thought to possess healing properties including the ability to prevent fainting, cure eye infections, maintain a healthy heart, and promote happy dreams while warding off evil thoughts, opal jewelry was made popular by Queen Victoria. Its mystical beauty, flashing colors, and patterns of light make it an ideal alternative engagement ring and anniversary gift. Because swirling shades of the rainbow can all appear in one stone, opals present the greatest difficulties of description. An opal's kaleidoscope like display can at once show the piercing fire of ruby, the purple brilliance of amethyst and the sea green of the emerald. A hydrated form of silica, most opals are approximately 3-10% water but can be up to 20% water. Comprised of regular and orderly stacked silica spheres, which are nearly identical in size, precious opals contain evenly spaced voids in their three-dimensional framework which allow for the diffraction and interference of light responsible for its magical colors. Contact us or visit our store in Bozeman, Montana for details about creating a custom piece of opal jewelry or more information about sizing and our existing collection.
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Suzy Landa Opal and Diamond Rose Gold Ring
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