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Montana Agate

Montana Agate is the name of the beautiful Chalcedony whose origin is centralized in the Yellowstone Park area. It is the mystical birthstone for the month of September and the suggested gemstone gift for the 12th and 14th wedding anniversaries. Formed from a type of semi-precious quartz, Montana Agate is generally a creamy light yellow to almost clear in color with embedded moss structures in varying hues of brownish red to black. Montana Agates were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and are found in the alluvial gravel deposits of the Yellowstone River area and its tributaries. Dating back to the Pleistocene age (10,000 - 1,600,000), Montana Agate is a hard stone between 6.5 and 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. Ideal for use in jewelry and carvings, Agate takes an exceptional polish and exhibits highly unique patterns. Montana Agate is thought to help the wearer balance emotions, discern the truth, and accept circumstances while promoting maturity, inner stability, and composure. It is a gemstone said to amplify personal power and is considered to be a powerful emotional healer. Thought to strengthen the body while fortifying a deep connection to the earth, Montana Agate is one of Montana's most important state gems. Sometimes referred to as Moss Agate or Iris Agate due to its picturesque coloring patterns, Montana Agate is associated with manifesting abundant rewards, wealth and material possessions. Considered a good support stone for business, career, and creativity, Montana Agate jewelry makes a beautiful gift. Call us at 800-267-9104 or visit our store in Bozeman, Montana to learn more about our collection of Agate earrings, rings, and pendants.
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