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Keshi Pearl

Keshi pearls are also known as poppy seed pearls as they are named for a Japanese word also meaning poppy, Not found in large quantities and extremely rare, true Japanese Keshi pearls are created by the Japanese Akoya Oyster and found only in the Sea of Japan. A Keshi pearl can take several years to form and can range in color from pure white to tones of gray, blue, green, pink and yellow. Because it is impossible to identify whether a Keshi pearl grew coincidentally or if it was the result of tissue insertion, all Keshi pearls are classified as cultivated or cultured pearls. Some of the most mysterious organic gems on the jewelry market, Keshis are the rarest of baroque pearls and considered to be strong symbols of nurturing and femininity. The large degree of variance in Keshi pearl shapes, as well as their stunning shimmering surface quality, make them ideal gemstones for unique and innovative jewelry pieces. Unlike other cultured pearls which contain a beaded nucleus, Keshi pearls are formed without a nucleus and are 100% nacre. Nacre is an organic-inorganic composite material produced by certain mollusks as a layer of the inner shell. It is what makes up the outer coating of pearls. Strong, resilient and iridescent, solid nacre Keshi pearls tend to have a greater luster than even the highest quality cultured pearls. Keshis make remarkable heirloom jewelry pieces as their color and luster remain unchained through time. Keshi pearls symbolize wisdom and are regarded for their calming effect. To learn more about our collection of Keshi pearls or to work with us on a custom piece of your own visit our store in downtown Bozeman, Montana or call 800-267-9104.
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