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Emerald, the birthstone of May as well as a setimental token of love when celebrating 20 years or 55 years of marriage. A variety of the mineral beryl, emeralds color consists of brilliant deep hues of green making it one of the most sought-after gemstones on the market. Originally discovered by the Spanish in South America in the 16th-century emeralds have since been very prominent throughout history. Their stunning color and luster made emeralds a favorite stone of queen Cleopatra, who reportedly adorned herself with the bewitching green gemstones on a regular basis. Besides their beauty, according to ancient folklore emeralds were believed to help one see into the future if you placed one under your tongue. They were also considered a healing agent where the wealthy would crush of boil emeralds and mix them with a lotion to cure cuts and other skin ailments. The soft calming color of green is still believed or relax and relieve eye strain. Columbia is where the finest emeralds emerge from but they're found throughout the world including Brazil, Russia, and Zambia as large exporters of this magnificent stone. Rich green emerald gemstones make a stunning statement in engagement rings and fine jewelry. Call us at 800-267-9104 to inquire about creating your own custom piece of emerald jewelry, for sizing and additional details on existing pieces or visit our Jewelry store in Bozeman, Montana to see our emerald collection in person.
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Rebecca Overmann Cabochon Emerald Ring
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Emerald Yellow Gold Earrings with Granulation Detail
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Petite Emerald Ring with Granulated Halo
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Oxidized Silver and Emerald Cabochon Ring
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