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Citrine is the November birthstone and a perfect gift for the 13th wedding anniversary. The name citrine is derived from the Latin word citrina meaning yellow and related to the French word citron which means lemon. A member of the quartz family, citrine was once referred to as the "sun stone" because it was thought to be capable of holding sunlight. Considered useful in the protection from snake bites, citrine was believed to cleanse and energize while stimulating the brain and strengthening intellect. A symbol of truth, integrity, health, healing, clarity, and success, citrine was also known as the merchant's stone and associated with wealth, gold and prosperity. A 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, citrine is a tough and sturdy stone when used in jewelry. Bright and cheerful citrine derives its hues from iron impurities and comes in colors which range from soft lemon yellow to amber brown. A rare and exquisite gemstone, citrine goes beautifully with diamond or pearl accents that enhance its sparkle and luster. Used to drive away evil thoughts, citrine is thought to improve the wearer's creativity, broaden the mind and help the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver, and muscles. According to ancient Chinese legend, it is "the stone of success" and should only be given to generous people. One of the most popular gemstones belonging to the quartz family, citrine has a vitreous luster and is prized for its excellent transparency. Sourced primarily from Brazil, but available in smaller quantities from Madagascar, Bolivia, France, Uruguay, Scotland, Spain, Russia and the United States, citrine rings, earrings, and pendants have gained recognition throughout the world. Call us at 800-267-9104 to inquire about finding the perfect citrine piece for you, sizing and additional details on existing jewelry or visit our store in Bozeman, Montana to see our citrine jewelry collection in person.
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Agate Shield Necklace With Citrine Accents
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