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  • Markus Schmidt Markus Schmidt
    Markus Schmidt began his jewelry design studio Schmuckwerk in 1994 and has been creating handcrafted jewelry in Ratingen Germany for over 30 years. His unusual combinations of 18ct gold, stainless steel, diamonds, and pearls are a unique contemporary take on classicly elegant jewelry. Minimalistic and fun, each Markus Schmidt ring, earring, and pendant combines traditional goldsmithing skills with modern technologies. Creating a thrilling blend of lightheartedness and cutting-edge design, Markus Schmidt floating diamond rings bring a new dimension to jewelry. Floating freely in a ball of glass each brilliant diamond reflects light with a radiant glow. In order to increase the perfection of each unique diamond, every ball of glass is crafted by hand to enclose the diamond in such a way so as to best exhibit its brilliance. An exhibition of modern artistry, each extraordinary piece of Markus Schmidt jewelry is both luxurious yet casual with playful elements for the most discerning individuals. Every captivating gemstone to come out of this studio tells it's own fascinating story creating a mesmerizing experience for both the wearer and the viewer. To custom order a Markus Schmidt piece, see our full collection, or for additional information on sizing and details visit our store in Bozeman, Montana or call us at 800-267-9104.
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