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Belle Brooke Sevilla Chandelier Pendant

an artwork by  Belle Brooke Design
Belle Brooke Sevilla Chandelier Pendant
Belle Brooke Sevilla Chandelier Pendant

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Powerfully intricate, this chandelier pendant by Belle Brooke takes the warm glow of 18K yellow gold, and harmoniously blends it with the dusky shadows of oxidized silver. To add to the intricate flow of this piece, a natural pear-shaped diamond with an aged-parchment hue is set in the center of golden, organic bubbles. This seemingly symmetrical piece owns an asymmetrical touch, with nine round, sparkling diamonds sprinkled through the piece. This is truly a piece you wouldn't want to be caught without for a social evening with girlfriends, a romantic dinner for two, or an everyday, eye-catching necklace for social gatherings. This is also a great addition to any formal work attire!

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