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custom jewelry design

custom jewelry design

Ahhh, yes…the special feeling that comes from having something made especially for us. This is an intimate interaction in many cases, involving a tremendous amount of communication between the “lucky one” and the Alara designers and staff. The proper communication on the front end guarantees no disappointments or surprises when the finished piece is presented upon completion.

At Alara, we will spend all the time you need to bring you to your comfort level. And we’re professional enough to know when the custom jewelry design process just isn’t quite right for your personality type, and we will try to accommodate you a different way.

All that aside, there are a number of custom design concepts we offer. All of these can be done in partnership with our founder and in-house designer, Babs Noelle. That said, most of these can be done in partnership, at a lower expense, with any of our designers (see “massaging an existing model” below). Not sure if your project is complex or not? Just call or email first to describe your project, and we’ll figure it out for you!

complete custom

This is about you, you, nothing but you. We are here to guide you through the intricacies of aesthetics, as we are trying to “build something from the ground up” for you. We’ll start with the gems and diamonds of your dreams and work our way towards a finished design. In addition to getting all the gem and diamond education you want, and helping you hand-select those stones, we will present you with a professional “Design Proposal,” which outlines all the details of your job before we embark upon actually creating it.

“massaging an existing model” custom

What could this possibly mean? Well, we have over 4,500 models already loaded into our CAD system, and many of those models have a number of features that can be just slightly tweaked to suit the needs of a high percentage of our clients. This is a great thing to consider if saving $400 to $650 is of interest to you, and you aren’t trying to reinvent the ring, so to speak. We have 5 designers on staff that can assist you with such a project.

custom remounts

So, you already have diamonds and gems, but you really hate how they’re mounted? Grandma’s taste not the same as yours? We’re here to help you bring out the beauty in those baubles! We have picture upon picture of “before” and “after” photos…and don’t be surprised that many of the “befores” are from local jewelers who “missed the mark” on the first go-round! By presenting you with a professional “Design Proposal” before we start any actual crafting, nothing is ever forced on you that isn’t exactly as it was promised. Depending on the project, this can be “full custom” or “massaged custom,” as described separately above.

historic reproduction

With seven years of training under her belt, our founder was exposed to more than her fair share of jewelry history education. As a consequence, she is well-versed in the features of the various period styles. Additionally, as a former diamond dealer, she has ready access to all the diamonds (and reproduction cutters) needed to properly execute a period piece of your dreams.

Art Deco is a design period that featured high-precision, technical pieces…Babs has won two Art Deco jewelry design awards. At the time she won a French competition, she was the first American to date to have done so.

The Edwardian period is the one that featured all that lovely filigree-work that is enjoying such a resurgence today. Alara produces Edwardian reproduction pieces on a regular basis, bringing the beauty of yesterday into the future.

corporate award jewelry

When Home Depot wanted corporate jewelry designed, who did the Southwest regional manager turn to? Alara’s founder, Babs Noelle.

Whether you want something that is reminiscent of a class ring in design, or are seeking an unusual treatment of your company logo that your team will actually wear, you really should give us a shout. Our manufacturing capabilities are expansive, so don’t be concerned we can’t handle it, and handle it quickly if necessary.

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