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Akoya Cultured Pearl

The Akoya Cultured Pearl is one of the most spectacular organic gems in existence and the most popular pearl commonly seen in pearl strands and earrings. The first round pearls to be successfully cultured, Akoya saltwater pearls are produced by oysters under controlled environmental conditions. A specialty of Japanese pearl farms, high-quality Akoya pearls are well matched for size, shape, and color with few blemishes and a deep bewitching luster. Although they appear similar to the Freshwater pearl at first glance, Akoya pearls are generally larger, smoother, rounder, and more lustrous than their Freshwater counterparts. Akoya premium cultured pearls make remarkable gifts and beautiful adornments. Their unblemished surface, shimmering iridescent flashes of color over a white primary body and their trademark mirror-like luster make them highly coveted jewelry pieces. Call us at 800-267-9104 to inquire about creating your own custom piece of Akoya pearl jewelry, for sizing and additional details on existing pieces or visit our Jewelry store in Bozeman, Montana to see these beauties for yourself.