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about alara

Alara Jewelry Bozeman MT

We're different by design.

Alara Jewelry Bozeman is a fine jewelry gallery specializing in custom jewelry, Yogo Sapphires, Montana Sapphires, and precious gemstones from around the globe. Proudly featuring the work of over 60 designers, Alara is located in historic downtown Bozeman and happily staffed by a team of designers, jewelry stylists, gemologists, and jewelers; here to provide professional and trusted service, education, and guidance. We deliver that service in a spirit that assumes fine jewelry shopping should be fun, not stressful.

Humor is encouraged, but should in no way imply that we don't know our stuff, or don't take you and your needs seriously. We just don't take ourselves too seriously.

To always bear in mind that we are part of a community, a country, a humankind, and a planet.

To purchase designs and raw materials in a way that most responsibly reflects our membership in all four.

To make others feel welcome and respected, whether they seek information, education, affirmation, alternatives, or support.

how we conduct ourselves

We are guided by our mission:

To that end, we passionately seek, provide, and create aesthetically innovative fine jewelry, in an environment that blends our serious commitment to technical expertise with a sense of joy and fun.

We balance our bottom line against yours. In an effort to keep pricing fair (thereby allowing livable wages and continued growth), we don't offer as many "freebies" as large corporations might. We have found our clients to be an intelligent bunch, intent on making considered gift and self-purchase choices, rather than rash ones.

So, on balance, this approach works for us and our shopping faithful. More on our business model here.

We are committed to the environment and to our fellow man. To learn more about our carbon-neutral business approach; our use of recycled metals in our collections; our commitment to the use of only conflict-free diamonds; and our grass-roots effort to eliminate child labor in the jewelry industry; please click here.


the stuff that makes us…well…us.

the collections

All about how the artworks we carry are selected and curated. For you. [To see the actual collections, please visit our online gallery.]


We do a lot. And do it well. For you.


How we put our hearts (and money!) where our mouths are. For all of us.

recycled | repurposed

More about our use of recycled precious metals and diamonds; our collaboration with other jewelry artists to encourage their likewise behavior; and our delight in helping you find new ways to repurpose your old, unworn, unloved metals and gems.


The "who" behind the "what." Our teamwork is at the root of making you a jewelry hero.


Learn about our name, our building, and our recently adopted symbol, the ginkgo leaf. We try to be homey, so you feel at home.

we understand your needs. whether you're a dick or a jane.